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My hair-journey using the Curly Girl Method made famous by Lorraine Massey.

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My Curly Hair Story

Ok, mainly because I’m procrastinating I’d thought I’d type out my story when it comes to my hair. 

I’m the youngest of 3 curly girls with mom who had no idea what she was doing. I also have an older brother who got the best hair (thick, wavy, and easy). She brushed and brushed and thank goodness my oldest sister stopped her before she ruined my hair! Both my sisters (one is 10 years older, the other 2) straightened their hair all through high school, and I did occasionally, more out of laziness then anything. I wore my hair up 3/4 of the time, and for all of middle and high school, would only wear it down after I “moussed and hairsprayed the crap out of it” (quote from the oldest sis). My hair was so dry and gross and overall just bad. Then I got to college and my mom, who’s waves she finally began to embrace, gave me some Tamerfoam. (It’s this great product for straightening.) I got a haircut to get all my dead ends and a blowdryer brush for my birthday last year and started straightening once a week. My hair was healthier, and I thought it was the product. Who knew it was really the fact that I stopped washing it so much? Then my blowdryer brush decided to kill itself at Christmastime, and I was devastated. (I literally just got another one last week for my birthday.) Who know all my hair was missing was plenty of moisture?

I just started the CG Method, and it seems to be working. Not using sulfates seems logical to me, and I like being able to buy organic products, as if I didn’t I wouldn’t be a good environmental major, would I? I decided that the best way to keep myself from succumbing to the shampoo was to give my sister (the younger of the two) all my silicone and sulfate products (I know, I know, but I needed it out of my apartment). I bought $50 worth of new CG-friendly products and began my journey. Like I said, I’m only a week in, so I’ll update again next month. 

Also, my entire childhood I would go to all family gatherings with my hair curly because of all the compliments. I get my curls from my dad, who’s mostly bald now, and only him and his brother have curls. All 3 of his sisters have bone-straight blonde hair and so do all their kids. His brother married a Cuban woman and all his kids inherited her hair, so more straight-haired cousins! Everyone on my mom’s side have straight or mostly-straight hair, so all us girls (my sisters and I) are the black sheep. (The gorgeous black sheep, but still.) Back to the point. I went to all major family gatherings (Christmas and birthdays) curly because all my aunts fawned and complimented me, and I knew better than to disappoint them (plus compliments are great for the confidence, right?). That’s when I began to realize I was special, that my hair was special. I also have thin, curly hair, whereas my sisters and brother have thick hair. Having thin hair means I can grow it out long (if it ever would grow!) and won’t get weighed down. 

This is way too long. If you have any additional questions, just ask! I’m happy to answer!

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This cute hairstyle I did because having my hair down while I’m studying drives me crazy!

Basically all I did was:

1. make a side part (either side works, I have bangs so I always part it the same way)

2. french braid down the side of your head (as opposed to front-back). Do both sides!

3 continue braiding all the way to the ends of your hair (you an put a bobby pin on the end of the first side to keep it braided while you do the other side)

4. Then just cross one braid to the other side and pin it securely (I tucked the very ends into the braid so they wouldn’t stick out)

5. Repeat for the other side and Voila! 

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