Adventures with Curly Girl

My hair-journey using the Curly Girl Method made famous by Lorraine Massey.

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This cute hairstyle I did because having my hair down while I’m studying drives me crazy!

Basically all I did was:

1. make a side part (either side works, I have bangs so I always part it the same way)

2. french braid down the side of your head (as opposed to front-back). Do both sides!

3 continue braiding all the way to the ends of your hair (you an put a bobby pin on the end of the first side to keep it braided while you do the other side)

4. Then just cross one braid to the other side and pin it securely (I tucked the very ends into the braid so they wouldn’t stick out)

5. Repeat for the other side and Voila! 

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